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Another Project Wrapped Up

Mission accomplished! I have finished off another music project and it feels good. Scott Burnett and I collaborated on a “light instrumental jazz” CD called “A Glass of Summer” and we had our CD Release Party last Saturday. Thank you to all who came out all the way to Duvall to party with us. We had a great time!

I just put the CD up for sale on my website kellycarpentermusic.com. The introductory price per CD for this first batch is $8 (plus shipping). We will have some music downloads available soon and it will be available on iTunes in a couple of weeks. Here’s a video sampler of the songs on the CD. Enjoy!


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Currently in Vegas

A friend of mine, Jim Lunn, comes down to Las Vegas once a month for a few days to look in on his 91-year old dad at the nursing home and make sure his house is okay. I offered a few months ago to come down and hang out with him. I’m thinking: Vegas = Sunlight. I was not thinking, “hey, what happens in Vegas…”. I actually have NO interest in hanging out in Vegas per se, so much so that I haven’t been here in almost 20 years. The SUN was the big draw for me. I wasn’t able to make it here until this month (December) and although it is only in the 50’s, there is still SUN. That is why I am determinedly sitting in the back yard. It feels great!!

I still have plenty of work to do keeping up with all the followup work my CyberPR campaign entails, so I’m not slacking. In fact, I have a CyberPR training teleconference later this afternoon to attend. But, have MacBook and phone, will travel.

Tonight I hope to visit a jazz club or two. Any suggestions?

The SUN, the SUN! The SUN is why I’m squinting in this picture. Today is brought to you by the letter “D”. As in Vitamin D.

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Last night at Jazz Alley: Ritenour, Grusin, Weckl, and Davis

Inspired. That’s what I come away with whenever I see a show with musicians of this caliber. It makes me want to work my bum off to be a better musician. Work on the chops.

It was a simply stunning gig. The only other time I saw Lee Ritenour was in 1978 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. He had Harvey Mason on drums, Abe Laboriel on bass, and although he would normally have Don Grusin on keys, it was his brother Dave sitting in. What a treat!

Dave Grusin has been one of my heroes. I haven’t listened to anything of his in the last 10+ years, so it amazed me when I realized last night how much of my approach to playing has been influenced by him, probably more than any other pianist.

“This must be what a lifetime of playing music is like.” – Dave Grusin at the show last night

Lee Ritenour was amazing as usual. On bass was Melvin Davis, who I hadn’t heard of before. He sings along with his bass solos in a way that is very unique. Very entertaining and fun. And Dave Weckl? Really, who can touch him as a drummer? I’ve never seen him live before. He was jaw dropping.

I could keep throwing out superlatives, but I think you get the general gist. By the way if you’re in the Seattle area, be sure to catch their show. They’re here through Sunday. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley


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Bruce Babad

Last evening I had the great joy of playing for the birthday/graduation birthday party for a very special person, Heather.  She turned 21 and graduated from high school. Her parents invited me to provide music for the event and told me some old friends of theirs would be coming up from California, and oh by the way they are musical and it would be fun if we could do some music together. Well, it turned out to be none other than my old friend Bruce Babad and his wife Jan and sons Miles and Julian. Talk about small world! I have played and recorded with Bruce on multiple projects over the last 20 years.

Bruce is an incredible sax and woodwind player. I am at a loss to come up with the right adjectives for his talent. His playing is so lyrical and fluid. The ultimate in taste. Although we have been on a couple of recording projects over the last 10 years, we haven’t actually been in the studio at the same time, so it has been quite a while since we were together in real time. Ultimate joy! He gave me a copy of his Paul Desmond tribute album, recorded live at the A-Frame in L.A. You must check it out!!


The Babad family and I leading a sing-a-long of “Lean On Me”

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