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“I’ve Downloaded Your Song. Now What Do I Do?”

I was over at a friend’s house, and she tells me, “Hey, I really like that song. I have downloaded it, but now what do I do?” It just doesn’t occur to someone like me who has been in the tech business for years that there are probably a lot of people that don’t know what to do with a track after they have downloaded it to their computer.

When you buy tracks on iTunes, the process of downloading the track and getting it into iTunes is one seamless/painless step. For other tracks that you get off the internet, you have to do one more thing to get them into iTunes. Well, here’s a quick “how to”. I am using one of my recent freebies as an example.

Let’s say you went to my Bandcamp page and downloaded my free track “Etude No. 1”
(here’s a link http://kellycarpentermusic.bandcamp.com/track/etude-no-1):

This is a free track and it’s one way to get people to enroll in my monthly newsletter. Let’s say you’ve entered the email and zipcode and clicked OK. The following email will show up in your inbox.

Clicking the link will take you back to the BandCamp site with a Download link here:

Once you click download, what happens next depends on whether you’re Mac or Windows and what web browser you’re using. I generally use Chrome (both on Mac and Windows), so the file downloaded gets displayed at the bottom of the Chrome window in either case.

This is helpful to see so you know the name of the file that was downloaded. Next step is to start up or switch to iTunes, and from the File menu, select “Add to Library” or use the keyboard shortcut Command+O (on Mac) or Ctrl+O (on Windows). You will get a file picker dialog, like the following on Mac:

Navigate to your Downloads folder. On Mac, it is located under your name.

If you’re on Windows 7, it is located under Favorites:

In either case, click Open and it’s added to iTunes. You can find it easily by just clicking on at Recently Added in the left-hand navigator:

You may wonder why it takes so many steps to download a track from a website. It doesn’t always. But responsible services like Bandcamp use a “double opt in” method to protect your computer from malware threats. You have to confirm via an email that you really do want the track. A little extra work for a lot of piece of mind.

Now, like I said, purchasing a song from iTunes does all of this in one step. But people who offer free tracks don’t put them on iTunes.

Well, there you go. Pretty simple once you know how!


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The Spotify Question

I recently serendipitiously ran across a recording by a music artist named Moshimoss. The link I ran across brought me to his MySpace page where I can listen to all of his songs on the music player., And then I searched and found him on iTunes. Then I noticed him on Spotify. And now I encounter what I am calling the “Spotify Question”:

Am I willing to pay $9.99 plus tax to download his album “Hidden Tape No. 66” from iTunes or just listen to his stuff for free on Spotify as much as I want? How I answer this question through my actions makes a small yet big difference to the livelihood of the music artist known as Moshimoss.

If I purchase the album from iTunes, he will net about $6.31. That’s enough for an average sandwich or a pint of beer here in the U.S. I have no idea what that will buy him in Japan where he’s from.

Let’s say I choose not to purchase his album from iTunes and continue to listen on Spotify, which is essentially the path of least resistance. Let’s say I listen to the whole thing 10 times. Assuming his music is not through a label (big or indie) and he is able to get all of the proceeds, he earns $0.00189 per song stream. Doing the math (14 tracks x 10 plays), Mr. Moshimoss earns about 24 cents. Music artists don’t receive proceeds directly, but rather through any number of intermediaries, so he will mostly likely earn a fraction of this amount for my 140 plays.

So, do I decide to shell out $9.99 plus tax? I am not sure. Meanwhile, I can just choose to listen on Spotify or MySpace (where he earns nothing).

I do know that in order for Mr Moshimoss to make the equivalent of minimum wage from iTunes sales, there needs to be at least 1,229 people this month who are willing to pay for a download of his entire album. Otherwise, to make minimum wage, guess how many Spotify streams are required? 4,053,110.

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I Still Want You to Know About My New CD

The title of this blog post says it all. My latest CD “Passage” is available from a variety of outlets–links below. Here is a video of the first few minutes of my cover of “Whom Have I But You?” by David Ruis. I have always loved this song and have performed it many times. Early on, I added my own hook to the “B” section which later became the basis for the “Distant Shore” theme on my CD. I also added an instrumental bridge.

I just love the way this recording turned out. What you’re missing from this edit is an additional three minutes of us jamming on the Em, D/F#, G progression that then transitions into the following piece. The jams at the end of a lot these songs is where a lot of  music magic takes place.

Playing on this song are: Scott A. Burnett/acoustic guitar, Brian Thiessen/electric guitar, Darcy White/bass, Calum Rees/drums, Erika Kobewka/violin. I played the Yamaha C7 grand piano up in Vancouver, and then re-recorded the piano for the first part of the song here at Avondale, playing my Fandrich & Sons piano. I did all of the pre-production sequencing using Ableton Live and then brought it into ProTools along with the session tracks for post-production. Erika recorded her violin from her home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tom Hall mixed it.

“Passage” can be found at any of the following links:

  • My Website kellycarpentermusic.com – both physical CD and downloads
  • CDBaby – both physical CD and downloads
  • iTunes – downloads
  • Amazon – both available, although they want a lot for a physical CD
I was browsing around Amazon looking at what they have for my stuff and I found it quite amusing about their various retail partners. I will have to do a blog post about it.

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