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Day After New Years Day

2012aHere is 2013–although I started to type 2301 and totally freaked out for .7 secs. Fresh from time travel, let me state the obvious. It is a New Year. And I am thankful. Generally, yes I am thankful–what do I have to complain about? But specifically thankful that 2012 is over. A year I don’t want to repeat.

I was originally tempted to title this post “2012 Is Going to be a Good Year”. Ironic humor at its best (or so I think). But a lot of people don’t get ironic humor (or so I think). Actually, it’s more like a lot of people don’t get my ironic humor, so to those of you in the exclusive club of kind souls who tolerate me out of love or pity: Bless you.

And now, out of consideration for those who don’t get my ironic humor and have therefore concluded that I didn’t proofread my title and am therefore challenged in some way and must feel compelled to pity me but then recoil at the prospect of thinking so un-politically correct: First, let me point out that I have spared you such moral torment by not using the afore-temptative title. Second, I want you know that I just made up a word: temptative. I just checked Websters because I was surprised that WordPress put that little dotted underline under the word. It seems like it should be a word. But before I go there, share in my bemusement by the fact that WordPress used the dotted underline thingy on itself. Literally “WordPress” doesn’t recognize itself as a word in its own dictionary. How ironic.

And third, (yes, if you were paying attention, there was a “first” and “second” buried somewhere in that big paragraph), I have made a New Year’s resolution to limit my blog posts to 200 words or less, so must end now. Don’t count them, but this blog post has more than 300 words. In fact, one more for each word I type. Fascinating…


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