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Every Day a New Day

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, so the proverb goes. What does that mean to me?

I believe that every day is full of potential, a new opportunity to grow, express love, be present, be thankful. It also provides an opportunity to engage in harmful and unproductive activities. The choice is there for each one of us.

Each day, I start out with a morning ritual, or what I call my “morning liturgy”. With it, I speak to myself affirmations, take note of all that I am thankful for, and say prayers for others. (Well, I try to do this each day, but I am not the most consistent.)

The affirmations are a wonderful way to remind me of “what I am about”, my particular giftings and the good fruit that is produced from operating in these gifts. For me, creativity is what I am about, and I found some wonderful affirmations from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron that I combine with some of my own.

When I recognize and be present with the positive potential of my day, I also affirm that the most essential thing I can do is attend to my self care. I affirm that I will treat myself with love, care, and dignity. I will do those things that are necessary to take good care of myself so that I can be a blessing to others. I cannot give from what I do not have, whether it be time, energy, attention, etc, if I have not properly taken care of my body or my mind.

One affirmation I say is that “I hereby reject all self-defeating thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors”.

Do I live in the present? Or do I wallow in the past? Do I choose to be thankful or to nurse resentment? Do I eat what is healthy for my body or do I eat junk food and/or overindulge? Do I get out and be attentive to the world or do I shut myself in?

The definition of what is helpful versus what is harmful varies with each one of us and is conditional upon our current needs and opportunities. Here is one example: I personally feel like I have wasted time if I spend too much time in front of the TV. However, sometimes I am physically and/or mentally exhausted and one appropriate thing to do would be to zone out for awhile in front of the tube. But it would not be appropriate for me to do something so unproductive if I have a full day ahead of me and I use the diversion in order to put off doing the things I need to do.

Anyway, some thoughts. Every day is a menu of choices. How will I live out today?


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Narcissism – Part 001

Let’s face it. Blogging about oneself is somewhat narcissistic.

Narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I embrace it heartily. And I know there are a lot of other narcissists who roam the earth. I wish they had narcissist conventions. But they would never work out as no one would really be interested in what others have to say. Can you imagine a conference workshop with the title of “How to Take Your Narcissism to the NEXT LEVEL!!“? It would be highly attended by aspiring CEO’s and dictators.

I work in a company full of narcissistic glory hogs. However, I will wait to write about my employer in a future blog post. (In case you missed it, that last sentence was a subtle device to get you to return to my blog at a later date so you can find out more about me.)

The fun thing about working for narcissists is that if I want to avoid discussing the work I am doing, I just get them to start talking about themselves. They can’t stop, and it can easily burn up the entire duration of our meeting. Then I can go back to my desk and catch up on Facebook and see if anyone has written on my wall.

To me, the ultimate anthem for narcissism is my rewrite of Paul Anka’s “Having My Baby”. With some subtle word substitutions, the main chorus goes like this (sung to the tune of “Having My Baby”).

Well I’m having my baby
What a wonderful way of saying how much I love me
Yes I’m having my baby
What a lovely way of saying I’m thinking of me

What? Haven’t heard of Paul Anka? I guess that’s a sign of me getting old. That and the fact that I am starting to smell. At least that is what my wife has been insinuating lately. I think it is her not-so-subtle device to get me to shower more than once a week.

Of course she’s kidding! I don’t think I smell, which is why I think bathing is highly overrated. But who can actually smell themselves? That’s something dogs can do because they are so limber. And I envy that.


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Why “This”?

So I had to name it “This Kelly Carpenter’s Blog”. Because I was late to the party, I was disappointed to find that other Kelly Carpenters had beat me to the punch in getting just their name + blogpost or wordpress or whatever. I was able to use just my name to create a tumblr page, but I’m not really sold on tumblr.

So, to distinguish myself from the other Kelly Carpenters, I am driving a stake in the ground and declaring for one and all that this blog is about this particular Kelly Carpenter.

Oh I suppose I could have called it “That Kelly Carpenter’s Blog”. But it seems rather schizophrenic, don’t you think? As if I am journalling about one of the many voices in my head, as in “I’d like to hear from that Kelly now”. Not that I’m saying I hear voices in my head. Not that I’m saying I don’t. In fact we have nothing more to say about the matter.

And now to the issue of multiple Kelly Carpenters. I’m not referring to the ones in my head, but rather the ones on the planet. It kind of ticks me off that there are so many KC’s out there. I signed up at Desert Sun Tanning the other day and discovered they already had a bunch of Kelly Carpenters in their system. Unconscionable! And incredibly vain on their part. And then there are some famous KC’s: there’s Rosie O’Donnell’s ex, there’s a Broadway actress/singer, and I’m sure there are more. It’s getting quite terrifying; it’s good I have a therapist on retainer.

For quite a long time, I had convinced myself that my name was rather unique. I mean, I took enough crap for it as a kid, I think I’ve earned the right to trademark it. Now, to be fair, I got picked on because I was book smart, pathetically non-athletic (definitely in the klutz category), and wore glasses that were as thick as the Idaho Panhandle…and I had supposedly a girl’s name.

Okay enough about my name… I’m getting self conscious about this getting too narcissistic and I apparently need some deep inner healing, so maybe I should go see my therapist this week.


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