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A Garage Full of Nouns

I have been reading Rob Bell’s latest book, “Love Wins”. Enjoying it a lot. Many fresh perspectives. One thing that struck me:

There’s nothing wrong with possessions: it’s just that they have value only when we use them, engage them, and enjoy them. They’re nouns that mean something only in conjunction with verbs.

That’s why wealth is so dangerous: if you’re not careful you can easily wind up with a garage full of nouns.

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Okay, Stop Freaking Out

I have to tattle on myself. I just realized that lately I have been freaking out a lot. About whether I’m going to make any money on this full-time music thing. The question of whether this whole thing will be viable has always been there lurking in the background, persistent and nagging. But like the frog in the pot of water, this has been turning into a gremlin lately. A healthy measure of fear can be a good motivator, but anxiety run rampant can be quite incapacitating.

When friends ask me how the music thing is going and I jokingly respond with, “I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard for hardly any money.” Such is the life of a professional musician. I knew this wouldn’t be easy. People close to me know this wasn’t going to be easy and yet have been very supportive. For the foreseeable future, I have the grace and support to pursue what I love. I need to remember that it is important to also love doing it instead of letting unrealistic unmet expectations discourage me.

It’s also good to keep in mind that progress is never linear and almost always takes longer than expected. I certainly didn’t think it was going to take close to a year to get my new CD out. But guess what? There are boxes of it somewhere on a Fed Ex truck set to arrive in the next couple of days. Progress indeed!!

My wife has been telling me to stop worrying. My mom has been telling me to stop worrying. Straight from the two most important women in my life. Okay, I need to let go of the crazies and have faith. So, let’s give this blog post a fitting subtitle: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

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