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The Costco Sock Dilemma for Color-blind People

Did you know that Costco is one of the best places to buy socks? So many for such a good price! For years they have been putting out some pretty nice thermal socks. At first they sold the ones by Head, then later their own brand which were meant to match the ones that Head manufactured. So here’s a little test for you: Do any of the socks in this picture match?

Now theoretically, the two on the right match, as well as the two on the left. The two in the middle are supposed to match, but I think everyone can see that they don’t. Truth is, none of them match. You see, I have something called “color vision deficiency” which is commonly called “color blindness”.  Unlike pure color blindness, which means the inability to see color at all, mine is a “deficiency” in which there are certain colors and shades that I have a problem interpreting correctly. I won’t go into detail. We all know someone who can’t seem to tell green from brown, or purple from blue.

The upside of color blindness is that I can tell when certain things, such as socks, don’t match. Even supposedly black socks. My dad told me that people with color deficiency were quite indispensable on the battlefield because they can easily pick out camouflage. I’m quite relieved that I never had to put it to the test!


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Rarely do I write anything political, not because I don’t have views, but just because I like to have good manners. Sometimes things get SO contentious on Facebook and the blogosphere. That said, I STRONGLY URGE people to vote NO on Washington State Initiative 1183. I am speaking up about it because I don’t think this is as much a political issue as a public health issue. The simple truth is that 1183 will result in four times the amount of stores that can sell hard liquor. A lot of focus is placed on the danger to teens. I think that misses the point. The greater access to hard liquor will increase drunk driving regardless of whether the drivers are of age. I don’t think the possibility of lower liquor prices to consumers to be worth the cost to public health.

I also oppose the initiative because the wholesale pricing deregulation makes it easier for the large wine producers in our state to offer deep discounts simply because they can, due to economies of scale. The small winemakers–I know a few–will not be able to compete.

Now I’ll get a little political, although I believe it is more a justice issue than a political one. The supreme court ruled a couple of years ago that corporations have equal rights to individuals with regard to First Amendment protections; therefore, there can be no limits imposed on how much corporations spend on political advertising. Costco, the wholesale warehouse chain based here in Washington, has spent $22 million on its Yes on 1183 advertising. $22 million! They stand to make a lot of money through hard liquor sales; obviously at least $22 million. Looks to me like they are trying to buy this election. Are we going to let them?


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It was time to buy a new set of tires for our SUV and Costco had the best deal around (at over $700, ouch!). It’s been a while since I have gone up and down every aisle in Costco, but I had a couple of hours to kill. I was curious about how much truly healthy food could be found. It was not encouraging.

I found some “wild” smoked Alaska salmon. The back of the package revealed that they catch young salmon in fresh water and then farm raise them. They didn’t use the word “farm” of course, chose “nursery” instead.

They even have organic ground beef. What does that mean? They use organic GMO corn and still grow them in a warehouse? Now if they would have said “grass fed”, now we’d be talkin! They wouldn’t have to bathe the ground beef in ammonia to kill off evil bacteria before sending to market.

One of the aisles was a candy aisle. Why did I walk down that one? Given that I have sworn off sugar (for the most part) I still noticed an enormous bag of gummy bears. 6 pounds!! Can you believe it? I wasn’t even tempted. I am truly rewiring my brain.

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A room makeover

The CD was off to the manufacturer and now time for some home projects. First on the list was to renovate what we referred to as the “dog room”. There were some permanent aging doggy stains on the carpet and the color scheme was all wrong. Time to rip up the carpet, put in laminate flooring, paint the walls, and put in overhead lighting.

Here is a mid-project photo followed by the final look.

Laminate flooring from Costco, track lighting by Juno from Seattle Lighting, rug from Fred Meyer. Now it’s on to my next music project: a collaboration with Scott Burnett.

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