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CD Release & Party, Saturday, August 4th

I am very pleased to announce that my collaboration with Scott Burnett, titled “A Glass of Summer”, is currently being manufactured. Woo hoo!! Here are the particulars:

  • Check out the groovy cover that Scott Burnett painted. ->>
  • We expect to have it in our hot little hands by August 1st.
  • On Saturday, August 4th, we will have a CD Release Party atMatch Coffee & Wine in Duvall, WA. First set begins at 7:30 PM.
  • This is a limited release. Only 100 are being manufactured. It will first be made available at the release party.
  • After August 4th, we will make a limited quantity of CDs available through my website (kellycarpentermusic.com) as well as CD Baby. At that time, the album will also be available for download from my site and CD Baby.
  • By mid-to-late August, the album will be available for download via iTunes, Amazon, etc., as well as streaming via Rhapsody.

All to say, if you wish to get your hands on a CD, your best bet is to come to the party at Match Coffee & Wine in Duvall. We will be playing our usual fare of light jazz and pop standards, spontaneous jams, and originals from 7:30 to 10:30. But included in our sets will be all the songs from our new CD.

The place has great atmosphere and the owners, Jolene & Charlie, are nice people. (They seem to like us, so they keep asking us back!) They have great food, wine, beer, and coffee (the latter for those who want to stay up all night). Why not enjoy a panini or cheese plate along with a bordeaux?

Here’s a link with directions to Match Coffee & Wine.

And here is a link to the Event Announcement on Facebook. Feel free to share with your friends.

Video Sampler

And without further adieu, here is a YouTube video I just put up, featuring a sampler of all the songs on the release, about 20 seconds apiece.

Please liberally share the video and the announcement with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever… It’s gonna be a PARTY!!

Hope to see you there! Cheers!!


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CD Release Concert

For my friends that connect with me only through my blog, I thought I’d post the first video from my CD Release Concert for your enjoyment. We opened the show with a medley of the first movement of “Reunion” followed by “Summer Rain”. While the first part of Reunion on the CD is solo piano, for live shows I wanted to beef it up with a full band. Our bass player, Marc Miller said “it reminds me of (the band) Kansas–and that’s a good thing!”. I’m happy with how it turned out overall, and although I had a few opening song jitters, that’s what “live” is all about, baby!


The band: Scott A. Burnett/Guitar, Mike Stoican/Elec. Guitar, Bryn Cannon/Viola & Violin, Marc Miller/Bass, Bryon Atterberry/Drums

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Getting It

Wow, the CD release concert is behind me. And it was everything I wanted it to be and more. The two words that popped up in people’s comments to me afterwards were “joy” and “epic”. I couldn’t be more pleased. That means that people are “getting it”. They are getting what my music is about and it came across in the live performance. I am currently having a professional bio written for me, and similar sentiments are showing up in his description of my music after listening to my CD.

It’s about Joy.

I didn’t know what to expect Friday night. We were hoping to get 100 and really wanted to fill the seats (120) and it looks like we got around 140. I didn’t know if my instrumental set would bore people. The opposite happened. The audience was ecstatic. They gave us a standing ovation at the end.

I am mostly without words to describe how pleased I am. This is taking on cosmic proportions to me right now. I am SO energized to figure out how to get more opportunities for live performances, SO energized to work on new material. I am very encouraged.

Thank you for getting it! And for all your support!!

Enjoy the slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Laurie Eickhoff Ascanio at www.lifephotographynw.com

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A couple weeks ago we rehearsed the band for my set at the release concert tonight. I told everyone that this gig is a “watershed moment” for me, that it may very well determine the course of my career as a performing artist–not to put too much pressure on anyone–followed by the nervous laughter. But it’s true, at least it looks that way to me sitting here now just hours away from the concert. It is very important and scary and exciting. Nerves are starting to creep in but I am determined to have fun.

I have “performed” so-to-speak in front of thousands–over 8,000 in Karlsruhe, Germany at the Millennial new year is one moment that stands out–but it was singing and playing and leading people in worship–the focus was not on me. This is different, of course. This will be about me as a performing artist. I am grateful that this is a joint concert with Jessica Ketola as it takes a bit of the pressure off. Tonight we hope for at least 100, will be ecstatic if we get 150, and will start to levitate if we get over that number, although it will be standing room only. I look forward to seeing my friends out there who turn out in support. This will be a party as much as a concert.

The band is hot. I have practiced incessantly. I told my wife Merrilyn the other day that it’s a wonderful thing when I can get my fingers to do what I want them to do. I feel like I’m in top form and as prepared as I possibly can be. This is a great place to be: ready. I’m hoping I can relax. I’m hoping I can savor each one of those 50 minutes and that it doesn’t go by in a blur. We will be recording and videotaping this event. I hope I remember to smile. :-)


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Where’s Kelly? (ep. 3214)

Yeah, I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. And when I venture out of my man cave and interact with people in the real world, they tell me “hey, I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog”, so I figured perhaps I should at least blog about why I haven’t been blogging lately, just in case people are curious. Truth is: I’ve been really busy. “Busy doing what?” perhaps you did or did not ask. This particular chapter of everything about my latest CD “Passage” is about ready to close with two main events.

The first, which took a long time to prepare, is my upcoming CD Release Concert next Friday, Nov 18 at Fremont Abbey Arts Center. (Get tickets here.) It is a joint release concert with good friend Jessica Ketola, who’s CD “Sea of Tears” also just came out. If you are in the Seattle area, please come to the show. This will be fun!! We rehearsed my set on Monday and I am quite pumped about it, the musicians I recruited are going to do a great job. They will also back up Jess and I know they will do her material proud. There are a lot of little details that still need to be firmed up, just like any event. I’m planning on audio and video recording the concert as well. If you are thinking of coming to show and have a digicam and tripod  you would be willing to lend for the event, I am thinking of setting up a few and just leaving them on.

The other piece of the puzzle is the kickoff of my 3-month PR campaign through Ariel Publicity. If you recall, I entered a contest last year blogging about my adventures working through the book “Music Success in Nine Weeks”. I wanted to wait until Passage was released before I started the campaign. As I was filling out all the intake data, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with any of my self-authored bio material, so I hired a professional bio writer through them. I just got the first draft back for review. So, sometime in the next couple of weeks we will start the campaign, just in time for Christmas. I plan to blog about it.

Once all the craziness dies down, I will be more aware of humorous things to take pictures of and blog about. Or… does the craziness ever really die down?


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CD Release Concert!!

YES! I am most pleased to say that we have a date and venue set for my CD release concert. Hooray!!

Get out your calendar: It is Friday, November 18th at Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the show begins at 8 PM. Get set for an evening of great music, beverages, and snacks–all in a place with great ambience.

But wait! Not one, but two concerts in one! We were most happy to get Fremont Abbey as it was top on our list of places to hold the event. To get the venue, we teamed up with our good friend and fellow recording artist Jessica Ketola who was also planning her CD release party around the same time and checking out Fremont Abbey herself. If you haven’t heard Jessica’s awesome debut release, it is called “Sea of Tears” and available for previewing/purchasing on her website.

This will be great fun to celebrate two CD releases together, especially for the many fans and supporters we have in common. (And you know who you are!)

We are also pleased to feature the paintings of two local artists, Scott Burnett and Julie Nagel.

Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 in advance where you can purchase here.

CD Release Concert
Fremont Abbey Arts Center
4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle
Nov 18, 2011
7:30 pm doors open
$8 advance / $10 door

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