Why Not Write a Zombie Novel?

Our DVR is running out of room and there is Glee and Person of Interest to record tonight, so it was time to clear out some shows that my wife doesn’t watch. One such show is “New Girl” which stars Zooey Deschanel (who I totally got into upon seeing “Failure to Launch”).

“New Girl” is both disgusting and hilariously funny. In the latest episode, Nick sets out to finally start his zombie novel yet comes up with all sorts of procrastinating moves. It got me thinking: Why not write a zombie novel? I could make it a serial here on my blog site. I could give it less thought and time than it takes to write serious blog posts. Yes, I have had bloggers block and I am totally burned out on the internet. What better way to break back into blogification than writing a zombie serial. (I started to write “cereal”–hmm, “zombie cereal” could be and interesting idea.)

To write a zombie novel I need help. I know nothing about zombies and the whole zombie universe world view genre type thing. Perhaps the eleven (or so) people who read by blog can provide me with some plot ideas. It would be especially fun to ask for suggestions along the way. We could write a group novel, get it published, fully crediting the eleven (or so) contributors, watch it become a New York Times Bestseller, become filthy rich, retire and buy our own private islands–there would have to be at least eleven (or so) private islands for sale.

So, any takers? Any plot ideas? Characters? Let’s do it!!


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One response to “Why Not Write a Zombie Novel?

  1. As one of the eleven, I approve this idea. My contributions to the zombie bestseller shall be limited, but worth my own private island.

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