To Blog or Not to Blog

Lately there’s been a itch in my brain reminding me that it’s been a while since I blogged. And then I looked and am now officially aghast that it’s been like three weeks since I wrote anything. So the question I have to ask myself is “why?”   <– Now does the question mark go inside the quote mark or outside?

So why no bloggie? Sometimes I feel like I have nothing interesting to blog about. As if there are rules about being interesting.

Perhaps I am embarrassed about how many posts I have made about my vegetable garden, although I must say that it has been a very rewarding experience for me. I made some spaghetti sauce yesterday with some of my Brandywine tomatoes. Wow!

Perhaps another reason is that I am NOT a morning person, and since all the experts say that you need to post a blog by 12PM EST, I have to be fully functional–or, if you will, blogtional–by 8:30 AM at the latest. Now that I write this, I feel ridiculous. Most working people have to be functional by 8:30–so functional that they are already showered, dressed, fed and have commuted to work and are at their post, be it desk, construction site, or barrista bar.

On the other hand, I probably shouldn’t beat up on myself given that I am like a lot of other people who currently do not have a day job. And to be fair to myself, regardless of whether or not I am still in my jammies at 8 AM, I am busy working on one freelance thing or another. So, no more self-flagellation.

So, back on the horse, so to speak, here is a blog post, filed at 7:36 AM. Now time for another cup of java.


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