Veggie Garden Update

Here’s an update on my veggie garden. As you may know, this is my first attempt to grow veggies, so I am probably making every mistake in the book, but that’s how one learns, right? That and many YouTube videos. In my case, I usually have to make mistakes twice before I get it, so who knows what next year’s garden will look like.

Here’s a tally of what I did and what I got:

  • Peas – Purchased starts from Flower World in Maltby. They were labled “sugar or snap” peas, so I’m not really sure what I got. They did quite well and were the first things ready. They’re all done now and I pulled them.
  • Lettuce – Also from Flower World. Butter Crunch grew quite tall. Great Lakes Head not so much. Both varieties were somewhat bitter so I am going to go with Romaine next year.
  • Pole Beans – Also from Flower World and transplanted on the same day. It’s early September and I finally have beans!! Picked my first handful a couple of days ago. Not many beans on such a large plant, but perhaps it is too dense?

  • Tomatoes – Purchased Brandywine starts from Molbaks. as well as Green Zebra and Yellow Pear starts from the local PCC. I finally have three ripe Yellow Pear tomatoes. I am still waiting for everything else.

  • Cucumbers – Purchased starts from PCC. They have gotten quite huge but have yet to turn green. A few have turned gold and I finally picked one yesterday. They taste pretty good but are still a bit underripe.

  • Carrots and Beets – Both planted from seed. These have grown very slowly and I lost most of them. Perhaps it’s the soil. Or maybe when in full sun they got too hot?

  • Zucchini – Planted from seed. I planted these pretty late; the plants are steadily growing but have yet to flower.


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2 responses to “Veggie Garden Update

  1. For first year, this is very nice!! Nothing like eating fresh out of the garden. I am impressed with your cukes, are those Poona Khira variety?
    From my limited experience, I can tell that beets and carrots are slow but good news is both overwinter. so you can pull carrots in mid winter and beets next spring -if not ready by fall. :)

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