Oh What’s Happening to My Veggie Garden?

I tried vegetable gardening for the first time. It took some considerable time during April and May to build the raised beds, given that I don’t like operating power tools in the rain, but they were finally finished and I put in some pea, bean, and lettuce starts in late May, followed by three varieties of tomato starts in June, some cucumber starts. And to finish it off, I sowed a row of carrot and another row beet seeds.

The good news: I got peas!! I got quite a bit of butter crunch lettuce!! I got lots of green foliage in my garden!!

The not so good news: I have yet to see a single tomato or bean emerge from their flowers. In fact, the flowers on the bean plants just fall off and nothing seems to develop. I did what I could do to help the tomatoes self-pollinate, but no luck so far. And the peas have stopped putting out. Most of the carrot plants have shriveled up and died, and now there is some sort of mold happening in the dirt next to the row of carrots.

Yes, in case you were wondering: Other than a string of sunny days following July 4th, it has been mostly cloudy and rainy here in the northwest. I would write this off as a weather thing, but I know plenty of people who have gardens that are thriving.

So, any ideas?


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