A Boutique Celebration

My musical partner Scott and I are pleased to be providing some music for Davenport Cellars‘ third anniversary open house on Saturday afternoon July 7th.

Davenport Cellars is one of many “boutique” wineries located in the light industrial area of Woodinville, Washington, the town where I live. I always thought that a winery was the place where they grow the grapes and make the wine. But actually, the place where they grow grapes is called a “vineyard”, and I discovered that a vineyard and a winery can be separate companies. Most boutique wineries buy grapes from vineyards in eastern Washington, which is the second largest vineyard region in the country.

Davenport is owned by Jeff and Sheila Jirka, both IT professionals, who while participating in a program at South Seattle Community College, decided to go into the winemaking business as part of their semi-retirement. They established Davenport Cellars in 2006. Most of the winemakers in Woodinville hold day jobs and have transitioned their passion for winemaking from a hobby into a business.

I have had a chance to get to know a few of the winemakers in Woodinville and have been impressed with Jeff and Sheila’s dedication to the process of winemaking. They take no shortcuts and keep the process pure, using the best ingredients and equipment. This is apparent the excellent wines they produce. Jeff and Sheila have continued to refine their process by enrolling in programs U.C. Davis and W.S.U., as well as pilgrimages to France.

Although they make wine from grapes that other people grow, they dream of owning their own vineyard someday when they enter true retirement (is there such a thing?), to quote Jeff, “somewhere in Italy, New Zealand or Australia perhaps”. We wish them all the best!

Here’s a map. Come join us!!

Click above for larger map.


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