Summer is Here! Garden Update

Despite a pretty good April and first half of May, the last month of spring here in the Pacific Northwest has been business as usual. I think we’ve had two sunny days since mid-May. At least yesterday, the first day of summer, the sun came out for a little while, although filtered by high clouds. In amongst the crazy schedule of caring for my parents, I managed to work a little in the veggie garden yesterday and realized I haven’t shared any pictures of it lately on my blog. In fact, I rarely find time to blog, especially since there is no internet at my parent’s house. I’m looking into Clear 4G (formally known as Clearwire).

Here’s what the garden looks like now. In early May, back when there was sunshine, I had transplanted some small starts of peas, beans, two varieties of lettuce and three varieties of tomatoes. I’m not surprised the tomatoes haven’t taken off. This is a common thing here in the northwest when we don’t get sun. Nonetheless, the tomato plants are about three times as high as when I transplanted them. I decided to get some of that red reflective plastic mulch to help them out. I also just sowed some beets and some carrots; that’s what the newspaper is down for. I am curious, though newspaper is commonly used to keep seeds moist when first planted, is there any danger of toxins in the ink leaching into the soil? I read that using an old beach towel is effective too, so maybe I can scrounge one up somewhere around here.


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  1. mlshiira

    I believe it is the colored ink that causes the problem. So don’t use the comics or ads, just the boring articles :) Thanks for the update!

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