Making Pizza

I have been staying at my parent’s house every other night, taking care of my mom while my dad is recovering in the nursing home. My mom doesn’t cook anymore, so I have been preparing meals. One very enjoyable meal that is very easy to prepare is homemade pizza!

Now if you’re a purist, you are probably into making your own dough, but it is a lot easier to buy ready-made pizza dough, or in my case, I just buy the Boboli two-pack. I buy the two-pack because each shell comes with pizza sauce. Then it’s just a matter of buying the toppings: Italian shredded cheese mix, canadian bacon, sliced black olives, fresh green pepper, onion, and mushroom. 10 minutes of prep and 10+ minutes of baking, and voila!

And you can’t leave out the anchovies, of course, unless you are among the 95% of the population that won’t get within a mile of an anchovy. (You have my pity; you don’t know what you’re missing).

Deee-licious :-)



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  1. mlshiira

    Boboli is the best, especially for ease of use and quick preparation. I bought those refrigerated crusts once–the ones that come in the tube like biscuits–and they were awful.

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