A few thoughts about the TV series “Smash”, which smartly debuted following this season’s premiere of “The Voice”.  The fictional series is about the development of a Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe and centers around the lives of the two main contenders for the lead role, Karen and Ivy (played by Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty); as well as the producer, director, songwriter, playwright, and various significant others. McPhee, if you recall, was the runner up to winner Taylor Hicks on a season of American Idol a few years ago.

Following Glee’s pattern, the musical numbers occur both as part of the working on the show as well as in “daydream” moments. I’m not sure what the actual term for the latter is, but you know what I mean: Ivy is afraid that her boyfriend Derek is cheating on her so starts to break out into a song in the middle of a restaurant.

I watched a few episodes after its debut but got too busy to keep up with it. I was also starting to lose interest when it seemed to be getting too “soapy”. But since we DVR’d it, I started to watch it again and realized that it has turned out to be a good show. They have done a good job developing the characters, and the soapy aspects don’t detract from the overall story arc of putting a music together. The characters have true dimension–even the characters you are initially groomed to hate have some actual depth to them.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber, they still have the entire series On Demand, so check it out.


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