Some Emails You Just Don’t Ever Want to Receive

Yes, I am now unmistakably middle-aged and no longer just in my early fifties. And I am generally okay with that, except when my body doesn’t do what I want it to do, of course. But NO ONE at such a delicate transitional stage wants to receive an email like this:

Now I’ve been getting junk from AARP ever since I turned 50. But Betty White? She just celebrated her 90th. This advertisement kind of sends the message: “Hey, no use denying you’re now in the long slippy slide towards getting really old. But hey, Betty White is still going strong!”

But, this is just me talking. Perhaps you are getting to that special coming-of-middle-age time of your life and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join AARP. Well, just for you, I have made the picture above into a link so that will take you to the “join” page.

Because I care.


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