Weather Forecasting in Seattle: Maddening

The sun was out today just long enough for me to put on some shorts and a t-shirt to dive into yard work. Then the clouds took over, and I wondered if the weather people had revised the forecast for this weekend. Given that it was too cold to stay outside, I landed on the computer to check the weather. It seems that no one can agree. Below are the competing forecasts for the next several days.

What does one do with such contradictory information? Are you a glass-half-full person or the opposite? Do you decide on the most optimistic forecast and decide to trudge ahead, or do you start looking up movie times? Thus is the nature of Spring in the Northwest.

The glass-almost-full forecast by KOMO:

The glass-pretty-empty outlook by KING:

The Seattle Times:

And KIRO is too lazy to describe the weather:

Hey, the sun is out again… time to get off the computer.


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