$120 Million for a Painting?

Sotheby’s just auctioned off Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” for a record $119.9 million. How fitting. For the details, you can read the article in NY Times. I felt compelled to blog about this, primarily to just let the question hang in the air for a moment.

Let me answer the question with one of my own: HAS THE WORLD GONE @#$% INSANE? Makes me want to scream. The gap between the uber rich 1 percent and the rest of us (world poverty level at 60 percent) is ever widening. Makes me wonder what could be done for $120 million.

If you had $120 million and could use it to better the world in some way, how would you spend it?



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2 responses to “$120 Million for a Painting?

  1. mlshiira

    You know, I always thought that painting looked like some kid did it, so I never figured out what the appeal was in the first place. The pictures I get from my kids are free (well, at most they might cost a couple hugs) and though they might never be worth anything in the world’s eyes, I sure do want to plaster them all over my walls instead of some ridiculously overpriced picture from some dead guy I never even met.

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