Who Is Your Favorite On “The Voice”?

If you have had eyes glued to “The Voice”, you know they’re down to the final four. And you most likely have a favorite picked out.

As for me, I was disappointed that Adam weighted his vote to favor Tony Lucca over Katrina Parker, especially when Katrina would have won if it was completely up to the people’s vote. Disappointed, but not surprised. This is a competition between judges, remember, and perhaps Adam felt that Tony Lucca had a better chance going up against the other finalists. My wife Merrilyn pointed out that Tony knows how to work a stage, while Katrina is rather sedentary.

I was very surprised that Cee Lo picked Juliet Simms over Jamar Rogers. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I didn’t envy Cee Lo. He clearly had the two best in the competition, but I think Jamar could have won. Oh well, the record industry would be foolish not to sign him.

Okay, enough of my opinions. Here’s a poll. Tell me who you want to win:


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