A 1998 Ambient Collaboration With Scott Burnett

Enjoy this 1998 collaboration with Scott Burnett, a piece called “Via Negativa”. He was in the midst of working on a release called “Lingua Franca” and wanted to create something for the second half of the record. I was living in Temecula, CA at the time and had him down to work on my first solo record. While he was there we also worked on this. It features his guitars, penny whistle, a mountain dulcimer my dad built, some synth pads, and Hammerhead, (one of the earliest drum loop software programs). In addition to mixing this behemoth, Tom Hall played bass guitar. (Tom mixed my “Passage” release last year. See sidebar.)

Scott is also a wonderful artist, and the image above is of one of his pieces, “Line Study 23”.

All of the tracks for “Lingua Franca” are available on his site at http://http://www.lifeisontheground.com/m-u-s-i-c.html and also be sure to check out his wonderful artwork.


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