The Garden Project – April 15 Update

If you recall from my last status report, I had made no progress on my garden the first month. Why? Well, I have a strong dislike for rain and March was one of the rainiest on record. One could insert here a question, “then why do you live in the Northwest?”, which would require a long answer about our families and community of friends and addiction to mossy and moldy substances, not to mention those magic mushrooms (oh, I just did!)(just kidding about the mushrooms), but enough of my jibber jabber and long run-on sentences! April has sported something quite unusual–some sunshine–so progress is made. Here are some pics:

At the start:

Last week, being the first full week of April, I moved all of the wood out and cleaned the area as best as I could. It wound up displacing this not-so-little fellow:

Then I went to Home Depot and found some 5′ cedar pickets and it turned out that four of them end-to-end fit exactly in the space. So the framing design became obvious:

So then I decided to put up 2×4 risers at the point across from where each board will meet. I used Liquid Nails to glue them to the foundation wall so I wouldn’t have to screw into the wall:

Then I placed 4×4 posts next to the sidewalk and connected them to the wall risers with 2x4s, along with the top boards of the cedar siding:

The sidewalk curves in at the east end, so I’m not sure if I’m going to leave this last piece angled (less work since it’s already in place) or keep it straight and staggered (appealing to my perfectionism/anal-retentiveness).

During the project I have been provided moral support from my mascot, Jake:



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2 responses to “The Garden Project – April 15 Update

  1. Nice start and good instructions…Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment. I just went to a little seminar yesterday to find out what to plant this time of year, so I’m going to try to get one of the boxes done as soon as possible to start some sugar peas.

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