Do You Ever Have One of Those Dreams of Being Totally Unprepared?

Last night I dreamt of playing keyboards for Pink Floyd. Actually, like most dreams of this nature, I didn’t get to the point where I actually played the gig. The dream consisted mostly of the hours or days leading up to the event.  I say “hours or days” because I vaguely recall crashing for the night at one of the band member’s hotel rooms, although it more resembled a room in a summer camp bunkhouse. Actually, it kind of morphed, just like the way dreams do.

But what was most unsettling was when I had one of those OH S**T moments when I realized I was totally unprepared to play the gig because I didn’t know any of their material. This reminds me of other dreams like this.

Have you ever had a dream where you have a math test coming up in a couple of days and you had never attended class or cracked open a textbook? And then I think maybe I can just cram through the entire book in a day so that I don’t fail the class. I have had this one over and over. It’s not always math, and I’m not even a math-o-phobe; in fact, I always did well in school.

Then there’s the dreams where I’m running late to class, need to grab my books out of my locker, except that I don’t remember where my locker is, or I don’t remember what my locker combination is, or I have more than one locker and I don’t remember which one the book I need is in.

And then there’s the dream where I’m leading the worship band at a church somewhere and I didn’t bother to come up with a song list or I don’t have any music charts for the band. This is similar to other dreams I’ve had where I’m doing a live, televised recording of my own material and I don’t have any music prepared.

As I’m writing this, more dreams like these come to mind, but you get the point. I’m assuming I am not the only one who has dreams like these, so I would love to hear some examples from you readers.

And I’m also curious if anyone has any theories about why we have dreams like these? I’m thinking it is related to some anxiety of being overwhelmed in real life. Like, currently I am enrolled in three online courses at the same time: one that started a month ago, one that started this week, and one that starts next week. And I need to figure out how to fit all this into my calendar. Good times!



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6 responses to “Do You Ever Have One of Those Dreams of Being Totally Unprepared?

  1. I remember having a dream kinda like that, in which I was with a bunch of friends and I realize I’m not wearing my pants. Of course I’m embarrassed and become frantic trying to find my pants, etc.. Those dreams always seem to last forever and take many unexpected twists and turns … and yes, I’m at home right now WITH my pants ON … lol.

  2. Sue Finney

    Ya’ know, we’ve been studying about how God has given us our natural strenghs and talents. (You might check out the book, “Living Your Strenghs” published by the Gallop Pole. There is one Christian version and one secular version. Not much difference, the first just references these are God given and can correspond with your talents).

    Anyway, sounds like one of your strengths is being high in responsibility, making sure things that need to be done are and you take very seriously the need to be well prepared. This is an awesome strength, and people know that they can count on you to be where, when, and complete with necessary info they need. Only down side of that, is because you accept the work and have high expectations of yourself to do your absolute best, you tend not to expect anything but perfection, not allowing for the human element, and can become anxious when things don’t go exactly right or as you thought they should.

    Can’t give you any advice, as I often don’t take things seriously enough. My top strengths are empathy and connectedness (connecredness, meaning I have a strong sense of community and the need for relationship). Consequently, my dreams are more often about missed opportunities and not not so much about how well I’m prepared for the task.

    Take this for what it’s worth, but try to relax! Although easier said yhanks done.

    Be Blessed, Sue

  3. mlshiira

    I get those dreams now and then. Like the ones where I am in school, running toward class for my final exam, when I realize I don’t know where the class is because I haven’t gone to that class all semester (and therefore will fail the exam too). I’ve had that locker dream too. And it’s been over a decade since I was in school. I figure I don’t have the same type of dreams about performing music, because I actually DO forget the words at key moments when singing or something equally embarrassing. Maybe when I stop performing for a decade or so I will start dreaming about it.

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