I Miss My Larivee

I had Scott Burnett over last Friday. We’re working on an album, so we spent some time throwing some of our ideas down in Ableton Live. He brought along his parlor guitar from the late 1800’s, but since it has no pickup, I suggested he just grab my guitar so he can plug in directly as opposed to having to mic him in another room.

My guitar is a bottom-of-the-barrel Jean Larivee which I purchased new from Guitar Center back in 1998 for about $700. I was immediately impressed with its bright tone, and after about three years, a whole new dimension of warm entered in. Although piano has always been my main instrument, I have dabbled off and on with guitar for the past 20 years, and have done a lot of songwriting with it. I think “Sing Lord Sing” was one of the first, and has always been my favorite.

The reason I say I “miss” my Larivee is that after Scott left on Friday, I picked up the guitar to put it away, but not before giving it a few strums. I have all but abandoned any serious attempts at progressing as a guitar player, so I rarely play. But oh how it sounds!! I just had to take a picture of it, being the era of documenting everything and splashing it across the webscape.


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  1. splash away, Kelly! if it’s old and it speaks to your passion, play on!

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