In the Moment

In Mexico last week, we had the pleasure to hang out with some old/new friends: Merrilyn’s high school choir teacher, John “Jock” Budelman and his partner, Anita. Jock, now 81, is a jazzer, has played and recorded with various famous big bands back in the day, and currently plays a solo gig at a restaurant in the Mazatlan Marina called “Seafarer”. He has been a semi-retired snowbird woodwind-blowing expat in Mazatlan for the past 22 years. But I will write more extensively about “Mr. B”, as my wife has referred to him over the years, in a subsequent blog post.

Anita said something that stuck with me. Referring to the culture, she observed that Mexicans live more “in the moment” that us northerner Americans do. Living in the moment can seem so irresponsible to us purpose-driven empire builders with our goals and agendas, to-do lists and Pomodoro sheets.

Living for the moment? I laid on the massage table yesterday while my therapist worked on my right arm–the one that’s been giving me so much heck these past few years–thinking “she could just do this for hours”, at which point I realized I was living in the moment. Sat down this morning, fired up the electric piano setting I recently created in my Abelton software and just played with no agenda. Enjoyed living in the moment.

I get so twisted up with my overwhelming list of to-dos that I get incapacitated sometimes. So much social media to conquer, music skills to enlarge, content to create, the monster of marketing to tame.¬†Paralyzed by the sheer weight of my agenda. There’s got to be a different way to live. Us hyper-affluent (by the world’s standards) have something to learn from those who subsist on a fraction of our resources.

Speaking of in the moment, check out this coconut shrimp served on a glass brick at the aforementioned Searfarer restaurant. I think it was about 230 pesos, or about $21 US. Scrumptuous!



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4 responses to “In the Moment

  1. Marlys Carlson

    I had the pleasure of seeing Jock and video taping him playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow…would love to share it with you!

    Marlys Carlson
    North Dakota

  2. Kari Haska

    Jock is a personal friend of ours. He is also the biggest dog lover in the world!!!

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