Have You Ever Heard of Club Bing?

I got the following in my email inbox today.

I must say I have never heard of “Club Bing” let alone know whether I was a member of it or not. I will take a rare opportunity to make a comment about Microsoft. It seems that they try to do everything and compete with everybody. And then when things don’t go so well, they pull the plug. The software world is littered with products that they discontinued and no longer support or in many other cases, they may still half-support but no longer innovate.

One example was Windows Movie Maker, sort of their version of iMovie that was included free with Windows. It was not a bad little program for making simple little movies, and in fact, I thought it was easier to use than iMovie. But they no longer included or supported it when Windows 7 came out. Instead they peddled something that came with Windows Live which wasn’t compatible and had nowhere near the features. In order for me to be able to go back and edit the little movies I made in Windows Movie Maker, I needed to make sure I had some computer that still ran Vista or XP. Fortunately, I keep a virtual instance of Vista on my Mac under Parallels. But I wound up buying Final Cut Express for my Mac and started making videos there, something I need to step up to anyway. Apparently, Apple has ruined Final Cut with version 10, but that’s a whole other story.

This is what I wish Microsoft would do: Do a smaller number of things and do them well. I imagine that the discontinuation of Club Bing has resulted in some layoffs.


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