Music Apps for Facebook Fan Page (part 1)

These days, there are SO many options for putting your music on a Facebook “fan” page, it is hard to know which one is best. And I’ll tell you that I haven’t figured it out yet. So that means I will probably try all of them, or at least quite a few. Here is a current and partial list of ways to fashion a Facebook music page: Reverbnation, RootMusic, CDBaby, BandCamp, FanBridge/DamnTheRadio, OneSheet, SoundCloud and more…

Why do I want a Facebook page for my music? I would like to make it easy for people to listen to my tracks and buy them.

I have been told that RootMusic is way cool since it gives you a lot of formatting options, especially if you go with a paid plan. The only catch is that you have to put your tracks up on SoundCloud. That would be okay if you could easily buy tracks directly from SoundCloud, but you can’t. Instead, you can link a “buy” button to some other commerce service. Now things are starting to get complicated.

One artist has their “buy” button linked to their BandCamp page. Well, if that’s the case, why not just put the BandCamp page on Facebook? So I decided to try that out for starters while I sort out the rest. And for the first time, I actually have a track for sale on BandCamp. It’s an alternate take of a song called “Waiting” with some forest noises that I produced using a wonderful plug-in called Speakerphone. (Now I’m getting geeky, aren’t I?)

Here is a link (click on the picture) to my Bandcamp Facebook page:

And here is the handy Bandcamp widget:

I can put that just about anywhere, along with its Buy and Share links.

And here is the link to my SoundCloud page (again click on the picture) which also includes the song with a buy button which will take you to the Bandcamp page:

And here is that nice picture of a forest that I got off of stock.xchng. The picture is by Jorge Barco who is a designer in the UK. Click on the picture to get to his site.

Hey, and if you found this information useful in your own endeavors, buy a download of my song. It’s only 50 cents, or name your price if you so choose. Cheers!


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  1. Well well well, you finally did it! I like the FB page, and agree with your experience concerning Bandcamp. I also ran into another one: Bandzoogle. .

    It’s like I’ve been infected with a strange disease. As soon as I start reading the blah blah blah of each of these sites, I get excited, start building a page, and then the strangest thing happens after an hour or so: I have a brain freeze. Somehow I start losing focus, my inner vision becomes blurry and I can’t make sense of what’s next, and I get discouraged at the amount of work to be done to connect all the dots. And I (give up…).

    So I have pages on many of those “band” sites, and even my own, but feel stuck in the abundance of competition, new apps, mobile apps, social networks, widgets, HTML5, flash, etc. I have a collection of “potentially” rewarding music, both for listeners and my own sustenance, but can’t find my way back to simplicity.

    I thought I did with ( After spending the last 1.5 years building a house, and 9 years online trying a few presentations, I’m suffering from sheer exhaustion, which doesn’t help. Maybe I just need some serious mental rest and come back later with fresh eyes. However, maybe some of you can visit those sites and see what your experience is.

    Hope this helps!


    Andre Lefebvre

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