Words With Fiends

In case you think I can’t spell, I left the “r” out on purpose. Yes, I truly mean “fiends”. Perhaps you have had one of those games when you’re just sure your opponent knows some secret backdoor hack to get an outrageous advantage. Case in point: My friend, whose name and picture I have pixelated out of the screen shot, but whom I’ll call “John”, plays all of his tiles in each of only his first two turns, thereby earning himself an extra 35 points on top of whatever else he was going to score. So, in only two turns, he has managed to score 110 points, while I have ground out a measly 29. Do you think something fishy is going on?

And what does “plastid” mean, anyway? Well, after 2 seconds of research I discover that they are “sub-cellular self-replicating organelles present in all living plant cells”. My friend must be pretty smart–or just patient with trying out all sorts of silly combinations. I don’t recall him being into biology back in high school.

By the way, just for the record, I don’t really think that my friend “John” knows some secret hack code to give him such an advantage. It’s just the luck of the “draw” (or if you will, the random generator algorithm in the underlying code). Hmm… perhaps he wants to fess up?


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