President Snow and a Dark Fortnight

I just realized that I haven’t blogged in well over two weeks. My buddy Frank mentioned my disappearance from blogdom last week. My reply? Actually, I have been a bit depressed lately. The multi-day depressive episode happens occasionally and I tend to go “dark” when it does. Chalk it up most likely to Seasonal Affective Disorder aka “SAD” aka the “winter blues”. I have begun referring to this particular episode as my “dark fortnight of the soul”.

I figured I should “come out” and blog about it, because I know that I’m not the only one who struggles with this. January is typically hard here in the Pacific Northwest. Last year at this time, I had post production on “Passage” to focus on, so I wasn’t as affected. This year, I’m still trying to crystalize my goals, traction on which is being hampered by my mood issues. Here’s a good article on the Medicine Plus website:

Meanwhile, we have been snowed in this past week, without power for a lot of it, and without internet for most of it. This break in the gloomy monotomy has lifted my mood considerably. Merrilyn has been home since school has been cancelled for most of the week. We have a generator. I have gotten my exercise via our snow shovel. Excercise is always an effective anti-depressant. Vitamin D helps too.

Without cyberspace to lollygag around in, I have been devouring Suzanne Collin’s trilogy “The Hunger Games”–almost through the last book. I’m hoping that President Snow gets his a** kicked. Wikipedia on the series here. I highly recommend it. And they’re coming out with a movie soon!!

Speaking of the President–the real one–did you catch his performance of “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo? Watch it here.

There you go, probably my most random post. I would love to hear your feedback about seasonal depression. What do you do to combat the winter blues?



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4 responses to “President Snow and a Dark Fortnight

  1. I have a heck of a time from late November to mid-January almost every year. This year was really quite dark, but I chose vitamin D and therapy over other pharmaceuticals. This seems to have worked, although I had a good two+ months of daily crying. I am grateful for the patience of those around me, especially my fiancé, because he showed me that he’s got the staying power despite my more difficult times. And, though I hate to admit it, being able to blog, take pictures, and fiddle around on Facebook kept my mind occupied.

    • Hi Elsa, Thanks for your reply. This is the first year I have chosen to eschew the pharmaceutical solution entirely. I am taking a lot of walks–at least when there is not 8 inches of snow on the ground–and that does help, somewhat. But I’m finding myself constantly reaching for something to eat, which is apparently a common symptom of SAD.

  2. mlshiira

    I moved to sunny San Diego :)

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