Peace On The Earth

Last year at this time, I was inspired to write a strident song about peace. I had thought about writing a new one this year but got too busy with other things. So, here once again is “Peace on the Earth”. I hope you enjoy. Lyrics and credits below.

Break the silence
Confront the madness
Make the voice of reason heard

Crush the hatred
with ruthless kindness
Let your love be the last word

Peace on the Earth
Peace on the Earth

Stop the violence
of cold indifference
Too much goes on that we allow

Pierce the darkness
with fierce compassion
Beat the drum of justice NOW!

Peace on the Earth
Peace on the Earth


Music by Kelly Carpenter. Words by Kelly Carpenter and Scott Burnett.
© 2010 KelSongs / Kelly Carpenter Music (ASCAP) / Scott A. Burnett. All rights reserved.

Recorded December 2010 at Avondale.Blazing guitar solos by Scott A. Burnett. Vocal choirs by Kelly and Merrilyn Carpenter and UPC Gospel Choir. Programming, rhythm guitar, and lead vocal by Kelly Carpenter.


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