Vegas Day 1

Here’s a few phone photos from my first day here.

For starters, here is one of the first ads that greeted me in the airport upon arrival. Hmmm… do they eat a lot of beans in Australia? Perhaps that’s not what they meant by “thunder”.

The only real Vegas thing I wanted to do here was to visit the old Fremont Street district. I was surprised to find that they converted it into an outdoor plaza and put a huge display canopy over it. I found out that they did this 16 years ago.

Just for historical reference, here is a photo of Fremont Street from around 1980 which looks similar to the way I remember it in 1993.

Another photo from last night, there is a reason they call it “sin city”. The huge display canopy gives this a little bit of a Blade Runner vibe, don’t you think?

A fixture on Fremont Street, Carl “Safe Sax” Ferris:

Shock and horror alert: Can you believe that Starbucks actually packages flavored coffee? I am a purist (snob) when it comes to coffee and I was aghast when I saw this at the local Albertsons. Apparently, they know better than to put this kind of abomination in a store in their own Seattle area, but the fact that they produce this stuff at all is blowing my mind. I need therapy.


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