Currently in Vegas

A friend of mine, Jim Lunn, comes down to Las Vegas once a month for a few days to look in on his 91-year old dad at the nursing home and make sure his house is okay. I offered a few months ago to come down and hang out with him. I’m thinking: Vegas = Sunlight. I was not thinking, “hey, what happens in Vegas…”. I actually have NO interest in hanging out in Vegas per se, so much so that I haven’t been here in almost 20 years. The SUN was the big draw for me. I wasn’t able to make it here until this month (December) and although it is only in the 50’s, there is still SUN. That is why I am determinedly sitting in the back yard. It feels great!!

I still have plenty of work to do keeping up with all the followup work my CyberPR campaign entails, so I’m not slacking. In fact, I have a CyberPR training teleconference later this afternoon to attend. But, have MacBook and phone, will travel.

Tonight I hope to visit a jazz club or two. Any suggestions?

The SUN, the SUN! The SUN is why I’m squinting in this picture. Today is brought to you by the letter “D”. As in Vitamin D.


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  1. Hey Kelly! enjoy the sun..saw your post.. I’m envious! I looked and couldn’t find many jazz acts playing. this looks cool though have fun!

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