Central to an internet (or “cyber”) PR campaign is the Virtual Press Kit (or “VPK”). In the old days, a package of information called a “press kit” was snail mailed to newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets. In the internet realm, the “press” consists of eMagazines, bloggers, podcasts, internet radio. These media outlets are called “resources”. The publicist’s role is to reach out to resources with an artist’s VPK, letting them know that the artist has something they may wish to “feature” on their site. The initial payoff for me is when a resource features my work on their site, thereby expanding my “reach”, (i.e. exposing my work to more people). The more people who hear my stuff, the greater the potential for having them buy my product or book me for a gig (if local).

You can check out my VPK at http://www.cyberpr.biz/clients/3028 By the way, if you happen to know someone in media who may be interested in my stuff, pass along the link to my VPK, or you could also tweet them from VPK page. Every little bit helps to spread the word!!

Here’s a screen shot of my VPK…


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