Getting It

Wow, the CD release concert is behind me. And it was everything I wanted it to be and more. The two words that popped up in people’s comments to me afterwards were “joy” and “epic”. I couldn’t be more pleased. That means that people are “getting it”. They are getting what my music is about and it came across in the live performance. I am currently having a professional bio written for me, and similar sentiments are showing up in his description of my music after listening to my CD.

It’s about Joy.

I didn’t know what to expect Friday night. We were hoping to get 100 and really wanted to fill the seats (120) and it looks like we got around 140. I didn’t know if my instrumental set would bore people. The opposite happened. The audience was ecstatic. They gave us a standing ovation at the end.

I am mostly without words to describe how pleased I am. This is taking on cosmic proportions to me right now. I am SO energized to figure out how to get more opportunities for live performances, SO energized to work on new material. I am very encouraged.

Thank you for getting it! And for all your support!!

Enjoy the slideshow…

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Photos by Laurie Eickhoff Ascanio at


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