A couple weeks ago we rehearsed the band for my set at the release concert tonight. I told everyone that this gig is a “watershed moment” for me, that it may very well determine the course of my career as a performing artist–not to put too much pressure on anyone–followed by the nervous laughter. But it’s true, at least it looks that way to me sitting here now just hours away from the concert. It is very important and scary and exciting. Nerves are starting to creep in but I am determined to have fun.

I have “performed” so-to-speak in front of thousands–over 8,000 in Karlsruhe, Germany at the Millennial new year is one moment that stands out–but it was singing and playing and leading people in worship–the focus was not on me. This is different, of course. This will be about me as a performing artist. I am grateful that this is a joint concert with Jessica Ketola as it takes a bit of the pressure off. Tonight we hope for at least 100, will be ecstatic if we get 150, and will start to levitate if we get over that number, although it will be standing room only. I look forward to seeing my friends out there who turn out in support. This will be a party as much as a concert.

The band is hot. I have practiced incessantly. I told my wife Merrilyn the other day that it’s a wonderful thing when I can get my fingers to do what I want them to do. I feel like I’m in top form and as prepared as I possibly can be. This is a great place to be: ready. I’m hoping I can relax. I’m hoping I can savor each one of those 50 minutes and that it doesn’t go by in a blur. We will be recording and videotaping this event. I hope I remember to smile. :-)



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3 responses to “Watershed

  1. Breathe – Smile – and Have Fun ;-)

  2. so excited for this event with you! We will be there smiling.
    Linda K.

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