It’s harvest time in the vineyards. Last Saturday, I helped out with the “crush”, the process of removing the grapes from the stems and splitting them open to release the juice. The local wineries here in Woodinville enlist volunteers for this activity. I helped out the folks at Davenport Cellars, Jeff and Sheila Jirka. I played at one of their parties last year during the annual St. Nicks celebration.

Grapes arrive from the vineyards in big bins…

… that are then slowly dumped into a conveyor…

…where us helpful folk remove such debris as leaves and stems.

Then the grape clusters go through the crushing machine where the grapes are magically removed from the stem clusters and slightly crushed. Here are all the “berries” (as they are called) just removed from the clusters.

Here is what the machine has removed:

Look at these grapes. Aren’t they pretty? Yes, we were allowed to sample. :-)


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  1. sweet! thanks for taking us there with your words and photos.

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