Vision Juice

On my couch waking up to the Today Show and taking a slurp of my morning Joe and it occurs to me: I LOVE COFFEE! So I had to blog about it. It’s a Monday morning and a new week froth with possibility. My planner beckons me. So much to do over the next month preparing for my CD release concert.

As much as I’ve tried to give up the stuff, coffee remains entrenched in my morning ritual. Yeah, I know too much caffeine is not good for you, but I drink far less coffee than I used to and I have limited my other caffeine intake to a little green tea in the afternoon. Everything in moderation. Is two mugs too much?

I just recently purchased a new coffee grinder, a table top Krups that grinds the prescribed amount of beans on demand. For a few years, I was purchasing pre-ground coffee because my old grinder was getting, well, old. Now I am trying various Trader Joes tins of Fair Trade Organic varieties. Fresh grinding the beans makes a huge difference.

Well, enough of my bloggering! Time to come up with some of those Big Ideas!! Happy Monday!


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