What do you think is the most destructive force to mankind?

WordPress has a list of suggested blogging topics. This was one of them. How could I resist?

I think any of the “seven deadly sins” will do, but the one that occurs to me the most is greed.

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Look at the current state of our world economy and greed gets center stage. Do you notice who in all the economic meltdown has not had to give up anything? Those who already had much: the über rich, the powerful, those who influence and in many ways control the government. Wall Street didn’t bat an eyelash at paying out billions of taxpayer money in bonuses to those who took our economy down. The bailout was intended to free up lending; this hasn’t happened. What are they doing with all of their money? Large corporations are sitting on huge stockpiles of cash, while unemployment remains high. What are they doing with all of their money?

The wealthiest of people have seen their wealth increase by 8% as a result of the Great Recession. Meanwhile, millions of people are either unemployed or underemployed and losing their homes, their retirement, their financial security. The middle class is shrinking.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really have anything against wealth. I do have something against rich and powerful people who increase their wealth on the backs of the poor. The erosion of the middle class becomes an untenable situation that can only lead, in time, to class warfare. I am concerned that we are moving in that direction at a frightening pace.

Although I believe the current “Occupy Wall Street” movement is somewhat silly in the sense that they are not accomplishing anything, it still raises public consciousness that there are many who will speak out about the epidemic of corporate greed. For that I laud them.

What’s your opinion?



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2 responses to “What do you think is the most destructive force to mankind?

  1. Greed is one of the top destructive forces, leading to class warfare and “let them eat cake” hubris. But I believe that ignorance and denial are more destructive. Our planet is a closed system – it can only sustain so many living creatures. Before the advent of agriculture and then the industrial revolution, the environment could do a pretty good job of self regulating populations. This planet can still regulate population with drought, famine, destructive weather, and pandemics. Greed gives us the motivation and justification to add war, genocide and mass destruction. We need movements like Occupy Wall Street. We all need to get involved.

  2. Greed is bad; peaceful protests are good. They might seem silly to some of us fortunate to be “haves” (whatever we have). They’re a planet-wide cry of pain.

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