Full Circle Farms vs. PCC

We recently signed up for produce delivery from Full Circle Farms, a provider of organic produce. Last week we received our first box. As promised, it was on our porch before 6AM on Thursday morning.

The “standard” size box costs $37 delivered. I could have opted to pick it up from a nearby location on Wednesday afternoons and save $3, but I never know where I’m going to be from 4 to 9 on a Wednesday and it is more convenient for me to have it delivered. Since it’s just two of us, I am having the produce delivered every other week, so we’re talking $74 a month on average.

After seeing what we got for $37, I was curious to see what it would cost to buy comparable produce at my local PCC market. Here are the results:

As you can see, I could have purchased the same produce for about $8 less if I had made the 5 mile round trip to the store. I was a bit surprised that it was only $8 difference, but organic produce is expensive. One question for me is whether having it delivered is worth the extra money. From a convenience standpoint, this question becomes pertinent if I have no time to shop for food.  As it turns out, even with a one-month computer consulting gig that I am starting tomorrow, PCC is on the way home, so shopping at the store is not inconvenient, at least for me, but it is nowhere near Merrilyn’s commute route.

Another factor is whether we can consume the amount of produce delivered in enough time before it starts to spoil. That remains to be seen, as this has been a very busy week, we have had the produce for a week, and still have 2/3 of the box to get through.

And finally, there is the issue of the produce itself. For example, how is the Circle Farms chard compared to what I could get at PCC? The Fuji apples in the box were small compared to what I would normally buy. Same with the avocado and other fruits. Of course, taste is a factor. The verdict is out until we get through all the produce. I am cooking up a broccoli beef stir fry for dinner this evening, so I’ll be using up the broccoli and maybe the Romano beans. I’ll write a followup post. Until then, Bon Appetit!


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  1. Thanks Kelly – helpful research! I’ve often wondered about the cost vs freshness vs quality of purchasing produce from a local farm or store. I think I’d rather select my produce on an as-need basis – especially since for me, as PCC is quite close and convenient – and I’m fairly picky.

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