Holy Cow?

We were at Molbaks the other day, and on the way to the loo, I noticed this rather bountiful art piece of a cow. I simply had to take a photo of it. For whatever reason, I immediately pictured it being hung over a bed. (Who knows why certain thoughts pop into my head? A cadre of highly paid therapists have made no progress.) Not sure why someone would hang something like that over their bed, unless to pray to some Great Bovine Spirit  to low over them in their sleep. Not to say that I am endorsing or criticizing such religious beliefs or practices. Personally, I think the art police should be kept out of the bedroom. Although there are limits, of course. Reminds me of a time when we were house shopping and there was a very large provocative black velvet art piece hanging over the seller’s bed. Bigger than the cow piece. I’m sure real estate agents have all sorts of stories.


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