Need a Hand?

I do. Like most, I rely on my hands to make a living. So, not only do I need a hand, I need a hand that works. Unfortunately, due to shorter than normal Ulnar nerves that can easily get aggravated, I can become incapacitated like I was yesterday. I was happy and proud to have a highly productive day on Wednesday, getting most of my to-do list done. But somewhere along the way I overdid it and yesterday I paid the price.

The most effective way of recovery for me is rest. Stay off the computer, off the piano, no yard work or any other activity which involves gripping and holding onto something–a rake, a paint brush, a bicycle handlebar, etc.

Beyond that, there are various therapies. One important one I discovered when trying acupuncture (which in itself does not help me) is a Chinese herbal patch. The acupuncturist turned me on to these, and every few months or so, I buy some more from her. It is a naturopathic anti-inflammatory hot/cold treatment and it helps open up the nerve path. When I have a flare up, I cut a patch in half, put on half over the Ulnar nerve path on my wrist (see picture) and the other at the top off my shoulder.

These are distributed by a place called Qualiherb.


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