The weather is holding!! Yay!! While it lasts I’m continuing to hit the local Tolt Pipeline Trail to get my walk/run in. I wish I could do it daily, but it’s more like 4x a week. It used to take me close to an hour to walk two inclines, a mild and a steep one, great to get the heart rate up. Now it only takes about 40 minutes if I walk it and 25-30 minutes if I include 2-3 short intervals of running.

Here’s the view heading up the large hill. It’s about a 30% grade. Funny how it looks flat in the picture. And below is the view from the top of the large hill with a view of the smaller hill.

I have heard from multiple sources about how beneficial exercise is for mood. I can attest to this. I always feel more positive energy and optimism after a good trail walk. It’s pretty warm out this morning, upper 50s. It’s time to hit it.


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