It was time to buy a new set of tires for our SUV and Costco had the best deal around (at over $700, ouch!). It’s been a while since I have gone up and down every aisle in Costco, but I had a couple of hours to kill. I was curious about how much truly healthy food could be found. It was not encouraging.

I found some “wild” smoked Alaska salmon. The back of the package revealed that they catch young salmon in fresh water and then farm raise them. They didn’t use the word “farm” of course, chose “nursery” instead.

They even have organic ground beef. What does that mean? They use organic GMO corn and still grow them in a warehouse? Now if they would have said “grass fed”, now we’d be talkin! They wouldn’t have to bathe the ground beef in ammonia to kill off evil bacteria before sending to market.

One of the aisles was a candy aisle. Why did I walk down that one? Given that I have sworn off sugar (for the most part) I still noticed an enormous bag of gummy bears. 6 pounds!! Can you believe it? I wasn’t even tempted. I am truly rewiring my brain.


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