Bring on the Wonder

Last evening, I played at the opening show of “Common Ground”. What is Common Ground? Well, to quote their website:

Common Ground Performances provide compelling ways of looking into life and faith by weaving together popular film, images, stories, and narration with live music. The typical program lasts 70-90 minutes, and all you need to do is sit back with friends and take it in. When the lights go down, a collage of popular art, music, and narration will transport you into a new world of possibilities.

One of the media pieces presented was a recording by Susan Enan entitled “Bring on the Wonder”. I had never heard this song before and it captivated me so much that I am featuring a YouTube clip on my blog today.

I could listen to this song over and over, letting it peel away at me layer by layer. Somehow it connects with my journey of rediscovery. It’s a somewhat sad song on the surface, but it’s not that way to me. Rather, it sparks a sense of possibility. Bring on the wonder, indeed.


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