Favorite Summer Reality Shows

This summer found us sitting in front of the TV more than most summers. Must be something to do with the weather, which until just recently, has been rather dreadful. We tuned into a few “reality” shows, all competitions of one sort or another. Here are our faves:

The Glee Project

We find Glee both entertaining and at times disturbing. But it is the Glee Project where we get a glimpse of the mind of co-creator Ryan Murphy. The Project chronicles 12 aspiring cast members contending for a 7-week story arc on the next season of Glee. Each episode features them competing in an opening number for one-on-one coaching time with the guest cast member judge, most of which were second-tier cast members. They all then work on a music video together, the process of which includes cutting vocal tracks in the studio, working with the choreographer, and shooting the video. They are then assessed and the bottom three are sent off to perform a last-chance solo for Ryan Murphy. Only one contender was supposed to win a spot on the show, but when it came down to the final four, everyone was a winner. Our faves, Damian and Samuel, each won a 7-episode stint while the runners up Lindsay and Alex each won a 2-episode spot. It is cool to see how much the powers that be love these kids.

The Voice

Finally, a singing competition that doesn’t follow the usual formula. It was awesome that Javier Colon won–his coach Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) was cunning in how he played and won the game. However, we wish that local girl Vicci Martinez would have won. Even so, her career has definitely reached a new level: signed with Universal Republic and partnering with high-profile songwriters. Check out a post-competition video interview of her here.

Project Runway

What’s not to love about Project Runway? Well, either it’s “in” or “out” of your must-see list. And what’s not to love about Tim Gunn, who truly makes the show. Now we’re watching Season 9, which seems to have a lineup of less than stellar designers, at least in our opinion. Anya, however, is truly gifted, and we would love to see her win. Who’s your pick?

Master Chef

A show that’s been around for a couple seasons but we just started watching it. Fascinating what a pressure cooker this competition is, pun intended. We were hoping that both finalists, Jennifer and  Adrian, would win. Hey, that sort of thing happened on the Glee Project. In the end, it was Jennifer who wowed the judges with her technical prowess and risk-taking by preparing dishes she has never cooked before.

So, what were your favorite summer shows?


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