Last night at Jazz Alley: Ritenour, Grusin, Weckl, and Davis

Inspired. That’s what I come away with whenever I see a show with musicians of this caliber. It makes me want to work my bum off to be a better musician. Work on the chops.

It was a simply stunning gig. The only other time I saw Lee Ritenour was in 1978 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. He had Harvey Mason on drums, Abe Laboriel on bass, and although he would normally have Don Grusin on keys, it was his brother Dave sitting in. What a treat!

Dave Grusin has been one of my heroes. I haven’t listened to anything of his in the last 10+ years, so it amazed me when I realized last night how much of my approach to playing has been influenced by him, probably more than any other pianist.

“This must be what a lifetime of playing music is like.” – Dave Grusin at the show last night

Lee Ritenour was amazing as usual. On bass was Melvin Davis, who I hadn’t heard of before. He sings along with his bass solos in a way that is very unique. Very entertaining and fun. And Dave Weckl? Really, who can touch him as a drummer? I’ve never seen him live before. He was jaw dropping.

I could keep throwing out superlatives, but I think you get the general gist. By the way if you’re in the Seattle area, be sure to catch their show. They’re here through Sunday. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley



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3 responses to “Last night at Jazz Alley: Ritenour, Grusin, Weckl, and Davis

  1. Cool report. Hey, is Abe Laboriel the bass player related to Abe Laboriel the drummer for Sir Paul?

  2. Kelly – I felt exactly that same way when I got the chance to see Steve Gadd live in a club in Hollywood last year. Inspiring, but boy do I a LONG way to go. Loved how said it’s really about the groove you can create with the other players because he could go way outside anytime he wanted but he knows his part. Very cool to share and thanks!

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