Personal environmental dilemma

We here in the Northwest are sort of obsessive about the environment. We like to recycle everything. So I was confronted by a dilemma the other day. I was cleaning stuff out of the fridge and found some hummus that was past its use date. Because the container it was in was recyclable, I did what I usually do: scoop the overdue hummus in the garbage and then rinse out the container before putting it in the recycle bin. Hummus is sort of sticky, so I had to use quite a bit of hot water to rinse it out.

So here is the question, I would love to hear you weigh in with your answer: Would it have been better to toss the hummus and its container in the garbage and therefore conserve on water and the natural gas to heat the water?. Or do what I did, expend the water to clean out the container so it could be recycled?



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4 responses to “Personal environmental dilemma

  1. Put the hummus out on the back steps for the raccoons. They’ll lick that container clean. Then recycle the container.

    • Dude, you are a genius!! Of course, I don’t wish to attract raccoons, so I’ll throw it over the fence into my neighbor’s yard so the raccoons will not only dispose of the hummus but also eat the little rat-sized dog that is a constant nuisance. (Hmmm, on second thought, probably not a good idea.)

  2. niq

    I leave jars/etc soaking in waste water from other tasks (washing up). Come back next day and they’re fine to put out in the recycling.

    I take it the hummus was far gone? I certainly wouldn’t regard just being past its use-by date a reason to throw it away. Unless perhaps it was months or years old! Should still of course be good for recycling itself.

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