Let’s write some lyrics about yard envy

Almost daily, we take our dog, Jake, for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s an effective way to wipe him out for awhile. Otherwise, he subjects us to the usual guilt-inducing canine tricks of manipulation. During the walk, I notice people’s yards, and I suffer from yard envy. I suppose it is the old “grass is always greener” thing, but sometimes it’s true.

Anyway, it has inspired me to start a lyric-writing thread about yard envy. This is the way it works: I have composed the first stanza. It is up to you, my blog readers, to contribute additional stanzas. Don’t feel constrained by my meter, although if you’d like to keep it the same, that would be especially fun so someone could write a melody once we have enough. Only one restriction: keep it clean. So let’s play!!

Boy, it makes me jealous
All that’s growing on your trellis
I’ve heard you play your plants Vangelis
It’s quite the secret or you’d tell us

Okay, it’s your turn!



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2 responses to “Let’s write some lyrics about yard envy

  1. mlshiira

    Never knew so many shades of green existed
    Rainbow colors all aglow
    And your vines are not so wildly twisted
    As on my side of the road

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