Has anyone seen my lens cap?

Okay, the title is misleading. To be precise, it’s not my lens cap, as it is from my wife, Merrilyn’s camera, a Canon D60. It was I, however, that somehow misplaced it when I took the picture of my new CD “Passage”. Here is the picture and clearly there it is on the table which I further pointed this out via my high-tech graphic capability in Photoshop.

So, what happened to it? I don’t think it disappeared out of thin air. However, we live fairly close to the technology corridor of Redmond/Bellevue/Seattle. Who knows what kind of secret experiments are being conducted? So while I do not believe the lens cap disappeared  per se, I am open to the possibility of it being misplaced due to some quantum physics teleportation experiment gone awry. By the way, I always think it’s best to keep an open mind. And to also throw a little Latin at the end of a sentence, such as per se. And to start sentences with the word “and” which is grammatically incorrect but all sorts of people do it anyway and I am one of those sorts of people. Obviously.

Perhaps you’re wondering if this missing lens cap story was just a ruse of mine to write yet another post about my new CD being available for purchase here. Well, yes and no. No, I really am missing the lens cap and I may have to purchase its replacement if I don’t find it soon. But yes, I chose to waste precious cyberspace resources to obliquely plug my new CD. Yep, you caught me red handed, per se.


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