Funny Sp*m Blog Comments

Occasionally I check the comments that get caught in my spam filter and some of the remarks are just plain funny. Here are a few:

“We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community.” – Hmmm… What kind of nefarious activity are they scheming about? It makes me think of the fund-raising scam in the movie, My Blue Heaven. And how many are a “gaggle”? Somewhere between 11 and 17 1/2?

“I rattling glad to find this website on bing, just what I was searching for.” – I didn’t know snakes can get on the internet. Should I be concerned?

“I simply needed to appreciate you all over again.” – Grab a number.

“i seen cool articles there good hope.” – You’re from here, don’t you?

“Great being visiting your weblog again” – Is God now reading my blog? I suppose I should be more careful about what I write.

“I will be back soon and follow up with a response.” – I am waiting with baited breath. What does “baited breath” mean anyway?

“Great post. I subscribed to your rss….” – Not a funny comment per se, unless you consider who it’s from: “Bail Bonds 24 Hours Blog”. How did they know?

“Thanks for the useful details. [and then a link to:] stye eye treatment” – Uncanny! How did they know?


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