What I Learned From the Europeans

Okay, I haven’t been to most of Europe and I have learned more than just this, of course. But this became a breakfast staple for me ever since (when I’m not having my oatmeal): Some sort of roll or bread buttered, a couple slices of deli meat, a small slice of Havarti, and some thinly sliced cucumber. There was always some variation of this available for breakfast when I was in Germany, Sweden, and Netherlands. Not having convenient access to a real European style deli ’round these parts, I typically use a slice of 9-grain (or Ciabatta if I have it) (which I toast), deli ham, a small amount of Havarti, and cucumber. Pretty tasty for only a few hundred calories.

I think the French girl peeking out behind the sandwich adds a nice touch to the presentation, don’t you think?



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3 responses to “What I Learned From the Europeans

  1. Karen Renfroe-Gielgens

    I agree this is a tasty breakfast, Trader Joes has great deli meats and cheeses. They are much less processed meats and very good. I think their Havarti is the best in town. Do you ever include avocado?

    • Avocado is a great idea! The deli ham is the uncured kind from Trader Joes. I use Havarti in such small quantities (due to its high fat content) that I buy just a few slices at a time from the grocery store deli counter.

  2. One word: BACON

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

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